Ownership of items

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that you are solely responsible for the hire items at all times throughout your hire, from the collection/delivery date to the return/collection date and time. 


  • Contact us directly for a bespoke quote. 
  • All quoted prices are subject to a standard rate of VAT at 20%.
  • Our quotes are valid for 14 days. Price changes will not affect quotations within the 14 day period, however if the deposit payment has not been made, prices will be amended to match our current inventory price.

Conditions of hire for props

  • Typically there is a £150 minimum spend for items collected from our HQ in Southampton.
  • For larger installations requiring our team to deliver and professionally install the items, there is a £300 minimum spend, although closer locations may receive a discount. Please contact us for an accurate quote, we will try to keep costs at a minimum where possible. 
  • Transportation includes a 30 mile radius of our HQ (SO31) or per mile charge of 50p per mile for venues further afield.
  • Collection from our HQ is available at a pre-agreed time for certain items only. 
  • Some items require professional installation by the PARADE team.
  • Set up or collection times at a venue are to be mutually agreed by both customer and supplier. 
  • Parking should be provided free of charge for any deliveries required or balances, fees and receipts will be invoiced to the hirer after the event. 
  • We have the right to refuse a booking to you if we feel the items are not suited to the purpose of your hire, or if you, your company or your event contradicts our company ethos.
  • If your venue or location is outside of our area covered, we will not be able to assist with the order. 

Length of hire

  • Typically hire is for the day before or morning of the event until the following morning (3 days maximum).
  • For weekend events, collection is ideally a Friday and return date is on a Monday although we will suggest appropriate times at the time of quote. 
  • Extended hire available for an additional charge. 

Collection of items

  • Some items are available for collection provided you have an adequate vehicle and the items remain your responsibility at all times.
  • We would advise bringing packing blankets and for large items ratchet straps to protect and secure the load.
  • You should assure that at least two people are present to lift the loads and have assurance that they are fit an able, this is the responsibility of the hirer.
  • The hirer should have the appropriate insurances in place for transportation and assistance. 
  •  Electrical items should be tested by hirer prior to event usage

Item condition

  • Upon delivery or collection from our HQ, you are agreeing that the items are in good condition and are as advertised.
  • No complaint on the condition or quality of the items will be valid at a later stage if concerns have not been raised, or if inspection has not occurred.
  • You may not request a reduction/refund on payment based on quality or condition of our items after collection or delivery. 


  • A 50% deposit required to confirm booking. Balance to be paid 4 weeks before the event date.  
  • Deposits are non-refundable. 
  • Any parking fees will be passed back to the hirer in an invoice after the event with a copy of the receipts.
  • A deposit can be paid in cash, BACS, cheque or via PayPal (plus the PayPal fee) 
  • Payments should be made by the agreed date. If not, a surcharge of 10% per overdue day will be added. 

Breakage waiver

  • A breakage waiver fee is required for all hire. This will be billed separately and refunded/returned on completion of the event. This will change depending on the total value of the order.
  • Breakages, missing parts & damages to items will be charged according to the full replacement value.

Return of items

  • Items should be returned at the agreed time and date. 
  • Failure to return items on agreed date will result in a surcharge of 50% of the hire per item per day overdue. 
  • Failure to return items at all, will result in legal proceedings if a full explanation and agreement to replace/refund items is not met. If this also impacts further bookings requiring the items, you will be charged to refund these customers too. 


  • All of our props are indoor-use only. They should not be used outdoors. 

Change of date, changes and cancellations by the hirer

  • Should an event date change we will endeavor to support the change but cannot guarantee availability. 
  • Deposits are are non-refundable. 
  • One a deposit is paid you cannot remove items from your booking. The original quote will stand. You can however add items, if available. 
  • If stock is damaged in the run-up to your event, we will endeavour to find a replacement but retain the right to remove the item from your order if a replacement cannot be found. You will receive a refund for the hire of the item or not charged. We apologise in advance if disappointment is experienced. 
  • Cancellations within a 4 week period will incur a 80% hire charge as the items are unlikely to be re-hired due to the short notice.

Extreme circumstances / Force Majeure / cancellation by us

  • In the event of extreme weather or road conditions which result in us being unable to safely deliver or collect the hire goods, we reserve the right to alter the arrangements for delivery or collection and shall not be liable to for any losses or costs to you that may arise as a result.
  • We reserve the right to cancel in extreme circumstances that make your hire unviable for us, up to and including the day of your hire. We are the ruling party on deciding if the hire is unviable and we will not be liable for any compensation or additional costs you may incur as a result of our cancellation, however a full refund will be issued.

Trade hire and promotion

  • Discounts are available for trade partners who require regular hire or dry-hire only. 
  • Any trade contacts hiring our items must cite 'PARADE Events' as the provider of these props in any advertising or promotional activities including editorial. It is not permitted to pass these items off as your own and correct referencing to PARADE Events must take place in the interest of fair publicity. 


  • All equipment has been fire treated however this will only prolong risk of combustion and will become flammable in extreme cases
  • The equipment must not be used as a toy, played with, climbed on or hung from.
  • The equipment should not be located in areas affected by draughts or risk of wind to avoid any accidental falls/dismantling.
  • Should windows/doors be opened after the ceremony, the hirer takes liability to move the structure to avoid any risk of falling or damage.
  • The equipment must not be used outdoors in exposure to wind or rain.
  • No liability is assumed by PARADE Services Ltd should the equipment dismantle, fall or come into contact with guests. It is the responsibility of the hirer to manage safe use as the hire is not supervised.
  • Hirer assumes all safety responsibility once the assembly team have left the premises/venue.
  • Lighting should not be used in exposed areas outdoors where there is risk of damp/rain. 
  • We carry out risk assessments for all our items to ensure items are handled and used correctly. Electrical items are PAT tested if no longer under warranty. All items are checked before and after hire and undergo regular maintenance. Due to the nature and age of some of the hire items, some may not meet current regulations. We do everything we can to ensure the safety and safe handling of the items. 

  • We are not responsible for any injury or damage to animals, property, persons or objects arising from the use of any equipment under hire. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or additional costs that may arise as a result of the use of our hire items.

Access for set up at a venue

  • The venue must allow access at the agreed time. The customer is to arrange this with the venue on bahlaf of the supplier. 
  • Any parking fees will be passed back to the hirer in an invoice after the event with a copy of the receipts.
  • The hirer is required to pass PARADE the name and contact number for the venue team ahead of the installation day. 
  • Set up by our team will be done in a safe and appropriate space. We will take into account the hirer's wishes however health and safety will be our first priority. 


  • If the structures are being used by florist for their own arrangements, light weight arrangements can only be used in the designated areas. Any addition of heavy arrangements will unstablisise the structure adding a safety risk, liable to the florist, not the provider of the structure. Single stems and lightweight greenery is advised.
  • Florists are asked to respect the structures and not cause any damage. Cable tie and light florist wire is suitable to attach small Oasis holders or garlands.
  • No heavy items should be added to any structures without prior consultation with PARADE events. 

If you have any questions at all regarding the above, please contact us to chat it through.