While the title of this blog article is not one which will send you rocketing to the stars in anticipation, it is actually a reference to the importance of collating feedback after an event and the essential 'washing up' process. 

Criticism makes us better. Scrap that. 
Criticism makes us the best. 

It can be very hard sometimes to take it, but in reality without good, old honest feedback we'll never improve our concepts and execution. In the events industry it's even more prevalent for us to listen to our customers and not just at the briefing stage, but during and after the event as well. 

Sensible venue and event managers should use the wash up as a bonding opportunity for their teams. We all know event management is a busy, busy job and quite often we won't even talk to eachother throughout an event experience apart from to bark orders, chase up the missing canapés or source a surplus of name badges that someone somewhere, (not you), forgot. But through wash up meetings after an event we can unpick our work and move forwards together in an honest and functional way. 

The wash up process is a must; grab a coffee, grab your notes, grab your phone (which no doubt you scribbled notes on) and grab your team. Sit down and talk through the client's reactions/comments, the day plan, any hiccups and your suppliers performance on the day. 

In the public sector it can be argued that people have meetings for the sake of having meetings, but in ours' it's an essential part of the event management cycle. After obtaining feedback from clients, as well as our own observations, we need to reflect on our ideas and whether they were realised or not. Chances are the client was happy, pleased and delighted with the end result. But we, as perfectionists, will have normally noticed something behind the scenes we could improve on, streamline or perfect.

And if you think everything you do is faultless... well think again because we are all human. Even us multi-tasking, plate-spinning, ball-juggling Event Pros!

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A Webster