When we think of events, we usually think of visual stimulus such as decor, presentation, pretty stuff etc. Sometimes however, the lesser-spotted elements of event design can be just as important...

Let's take a look at scent. Scent and smell can transport us to just about anywhere. If I want to relive my honeymoon, I'll think of patchouli and tropical scents. If I want to feel festive, gingerbread or pine should just about do it. Romance? Well, that's easy, rose oil and chocolate. Our sense of smell is so powerful it can even change the way we taste and see, so why would we not use this wonderful technology inbuilt within us to help stimulate and heighten guest experience? To us, ensuring scent is a major part of event design is fundamental in our event planning, and urge all budding event managers not to underestimate its impact on event atmosphere.

Previously, when running large event venues, we invested heavily in scent marketing (yes it' a thing!) Small electronic diffusers were set up around the venue and would change scent on a regular basis, usually to reflect the seasons. The compliments were amazing; quite often our guests could smell the change in atmosphere before they'd event entered the space.

Here's some easy yet fun, ways to integrate scent into events:

  • Tuck a sprig of rosemary into your napkins at dinner parties for a rustic, earthy scent
  • Make sure wedding bouquets have scented flowers! Yes, they need to look pretty, but mark the occassion with a special scent as you walk down the aisle
  • Invest in scent marketing. While it's a luxury item, it's certainly worth a go for venue and ops teams wanting to add atmosphere
  • Scatter sliced fruit can be weaved into table centrepieces giving a zesty, fresh feel
  • Pine wreaths with cinnamon sticks draped over fireplaces at Christmas provide the ultimate festive feeling as they heat up
  • Weave in the smell of freshly baked bread in morning seminars and network meetings
  • Want to wake up your guests and envigorate them? Perhaps you're running a sales workshop... citrus ought to do it!

If you'd like to know more about scent marketing and how you could integrate it into your venue or event, contact us at

A Webster