Music can be a powerful tool in today's events. Hitting the right note is an important part of setting the tone for experiences. 

Just as you would take time over creating the perfect menu, choosing the right set list or performer is a pivotal part of event planning. 

The execution of music can be simple. We can add drama through bass and volume which is perfect for fashion shows and concerts where we need to draw the focus to a staged area. Bass however would not work at a wedding breakfast! A more subdued volume is required, although the genre and set list can vary to suit the hosts' tastes. 

Live music is a superb way of gathering crowds and drawing attention. The use of DJs, bands and singers can really lift an event, especially if you are looking for a sprinkling of party spirit. Bagpipes and Mariachi bands are also lively ways of injecting live music to complement a theme.

We can use live music on a more subtle scale too; harpists and violinists for example can really set the mood at weddings and formal events where music is not the focus. By taking on a more natural, background persona they allow for easy networking and mingling.

We've hired live performers for all sorts of events including a ukulele ensemble who wowed the audience and commanded the show. We've also hired indie rock bands for weddings which always gets guests of all ages onto the dance floor. And not forgetting soulful singers for mellow background music at celebrations. 

Stay compliant

If you're playing recorded music in a venue, you'll probably need a licence from both 'PPL' and 'PRS for Music' to ensure you're legally compliant. Most venues will establish an annual membership but check first! These licencing authorities distribute fees to its performer and record company members (less its operating costs). To make things easier, you can now apply online

If you're arranging an event in an unusual venue with live music and a cash bar, remember to look into a TENS from the local authority as they'll need to consider any disruption and safety issues. You'll also need to check for PPL and PRS. 

The paperwork doesn't cost too much (from £14 upwards) but it's always best to stay on the right side of your legal obligations when organising events with music. 

For more advice or help with finding the right performers, please contact us

A Webster