Succulents were the surprise event decor craze last year, especially in botanical-themed events, but now we are seeing a nod to the succulent's edgier sister, the cactus.

Cacti are synonymous with Mexicana, American Indian and Western Cowboy themes. They made an impressive appearance recently in a Sicilian Wild West themed Dolce & Gabanna menswear show and provided a manly, robust  backdrop. Check it out here

Subtle theming can really benefit from the use of these plants too as many produce yellow, white or pink flower sprouts. They really are the perfect event floristry option as they're far hardier than cut flowers and will last a series of events rather than just one! 

Cacti can certainly be dressed up or down, making them extremely versatile in event styling. 
Mi amigos! Here's some event design ideas:

Modern Mexicana

  • -A bright, strong colour palette using Pantone's Pink Yarrow, Greenery and Flame
  • -An abundance of small cacti in terracotta pots to grace your tables
  • -Hide apothecary bottles and old tin cans amongst your tablescape
  • -Pop a minature succulent onto a canapé serving tray with bright napkins
  • -Make the cactus plant become a key talking-point, for example use cactus water and cactus leaf in your menu
  • -Adorn your table with coarse, bright, patterned fabrics (similar to those found on ponchos) and add height with tall candle sticks
  • -Think bright red flower arrangements with puffs of colour; celosia, dianthus and hibiscus are good options
  • -Hang tapestries or use patterned rugs to juxtapose a mix of patterns and colours
  • -For an edgier theme, add sugar skulls or a gold-gilded ram's head as props to give the space a derelict, deserted feel
  • -Mix in some tequila themed menu items such as sorbets or marinades

... and ban sombreros, unless they're the über-cool Zorro kind!

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A Webster