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We love Christmas. Fact!
It gives us the perfect excuse to get creative. 

Many are daunted by the thought of rummaging through their loft to find their decorations and think of it a chore each year. However, with a little preparation and research before the clock strikes the 1st of December, you can achieve some luxe styles that have impact for your home or workplace. 

Check out our 'Luxe Looks' trend edits for some ideas for 2017's Christmas themes: 

Bloomsbury is 'the' trend for 2017- rich tones, deep purples, moody blues with gilded baubles. 

Nomadic is timeless- simple, effective scandi decorations will never go out of fashion. 'Less is more' as they say and natural trees with simple, wooden decorations always look great. 

..and if you want to have a little fun, 2017 has been the year of The Unicorn so go for a white tree with some glittery, kitsch inspo. 

If you need a little help with your own decorations, we offer a seasonal styling service where we provide the tree, decoration, lighting et al and we'll install it all in just one day. No hassle, no stress!

If you would like more information on this service, please contact us on 01489 557711 or email

A Webster