As the warmer weather starts to infiltrate the British skies, its time to start thinking about the food trends we'll see popping up at our summer soirees this year.

Our projection is that Britalian infusions will spring through using seasonal British ingredients in a modern Italian way. 

Britalian is a bricolage which offers a mixture of two culinary greats with flavours spanning two continents as well as traditional techniques fused together. 

But the Britalian food trend hasn't always had an easy ride. A few years ago it was heavily criticised by epitomised Italian chefs, who favoured the more traditional trattoria process and creating lengthy recipes. We strongly believe (and hey, we're in a decade of collaborations) Britalian has the chance to put a modern spin on classics, making them speedier to prepare but just as flavoursome. Best of both worlds? We think so. 

Here are a few treats we've rounded up for a sample menu:

Britalian Dinner Party Menu


Prosciutto and Cornish blue cheese toasts
Mini Italian sausages with sundried tomato dipping sauce
Mini Caprese salad pots
Roasted fig and gorgonzola crostini


Artichoke and parmesan zuppa


Abruzzi stewed lamb with rosemary, on a bed of pappardelle
Served with toasted fresh split loaf, chunky garlic and chive butter and a pesto gremolata


Lemon curd budino (a sweet custard) and an earl grey biscuit thin

To finish

Slow brewed coffee served with espresso truffles

Use olive branches to give a rustic, trattoria-feel to your tablescape with olive wood serving platters. Add transparent serving spoons and gold cutlery for a touch of luxury and don't forget the right glasses for your prosecco (tall flutes) and chunky cut-glass goblets for the table water and wine. Tall, antique candlesticks make the perfect finishing touch with some fresh herb pots for an English country garden angle. 

If you would like help with theming, planning or creating a menu for a special event, email us or call 01489 557711.

A Webster