We are seething with envy over Pantone's colour of choice this year- 15-0343 Greenery . 

Inspired by nature's natural beauty, the zesty yellow green is urging us to stop for a minute and take a look outside to embrace the great outdoors. It could be argued that it resonates with a deeper want to think clearly after a rather turbulent year of global political and economic changes. It sure is a welcome re-invigoration- thanks Pantone! 

The clever colour analysts have packaged the shade to work with huey 'pastels' such as Pale Dogwood and Island Paradise, and 'brights' such as Pink Yarrow and Flame. In fact, all of Pantone's recent colours released this year fit nicely into the Mexicana trends we are seeing popping up. 

Here's a few of our other favourite themes which incorporate Greenery:  woodland and meadows, alfresco dining and tropical. 

We have no doubt we will see more and more event designers embracing this colour pallette with green themes spilling into our event design and decor styling this year. 

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A Webster