Experiential is the buzz word of today’s events industry; the idea of crafting environments where guests are immersed into a story to heighten the event experience. Behind these stories, however, is a whole wealth of design techniques carefully crafted, planned and executed by professional event designers.

Here at PARADE, we specialise in luxury events for private clients, companies and venues. We have worked with internationally renowned companies to produce show-stopping events, conferences and many luxury weddings.

Today’s lives are often rushed, hectic and transient. When we do manage to find the time to attend work events and social parties, a sense of transportation is needed to free us from the day’s pressures. With structured theming, styling and storytelling we can guide guests through amazing experiences and really create lasting memories- all through professional event design.

Sourcing inspiration from the respected industries of interior design and art direction, PARADE uses similar techniques when designing events for their clients. Colour analysis, composition, storytelling, menu design and creative styling are all behind-the-scenes elements used to create inspirational concept boards for clients before a comprehensive event plan is developed.

We also run professional training, sharing our knowledge and principles of event design. The sessions go behind the scenes in luxury events to kick-start creativity and help plan the perfect celebration, party, corporate event or wedding. Delegates have the opportunity to take part in a concept design workshop to develop sample event moodboards. There's also fun add-ons such as a hands-on décor styling session using professional props and expert tips.

For more information on our event design services or training, please contact or call 01489 557711.

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