Organising corporate meetings and conferences is a complex business, and with a recent surge in workplace well-being and investment in employee health, it's become even more important to include a little 'breathing space' during these events. 

Outdoor space at events gives us time to breathe. How many times have you popped outside at a wedding or party, even just for 5 minutes, to get a little respite and perspective? The same theory needs to be invoked into our business events. 

By providing outdoor space and substantial allocated breaks at corporate events, we allow our colleagues to network and relax, which in turn helps reduce stress. Popping outside also stimulates non-work related chat and increases connectivity and communication between peers - a key denominator in why many team building exercises are outdoor based.

Delegates also need to be able to get some personal space. When choosing a venue, look for a significant number of sitting areas and easy access to outside of the building. Stepping outside alone, can often help certain personalities regroup after a tough session or delicate topic. 

Being able to choose an al fresco meal option for your delegates will also allow for a break in proceedings and change of scenery. We've seen a recent surge in requests for artisan picnic style lunches, allowing delegates a little freedom to explore during the allotted lunch breaks. We also personally favour venues which offer a choice of china as well as take away cups allowing the guest to make their own choice whether they want to sit or take a stroll during their break. 

We recently visited the stately home venue, Lainston House which has a superb grounds with private courtyards and weather-proof canopies connected to meeting spaces allowing for regular breaks outside of the room. Plus rural Winchester makes for a pretty nice backdrop!

Obviously, outdoor space is largely weather dependent but who doesn't love a branded poncho?!

If you'd like to hear about our extensive list of preferred venues with outdoor roaming space, contact us on 01489 557711 or email

A Webster