The docks are not the most inspiring of places when you're thinking about events. However the use of sea containers as flexible promotional space has become a recent sensation. And the best bit? They're cheap real estate!  

Versatility is a keyword for venues these days. We all want something different from each location and it's often hard for venue teams to keep up with us. In an age of pop-ups, versatility is even more prevalent with on-the-road structures in high demand.

Sea containers provide unique spaces using re-purposed resource. Many of these steel cubes have been neatly upcycled into popup stores, exhibition spaces and roadshow venues. Easily transportable and easily dressed, brands are swarming towards this new-age mobile event space. 

In our hometown of Southampton, we regularly whizz past sea containers on a brightly coloured 'lego-esque' scale. Often stacked 12 containers high, and quite phenomenal in perspective, they make for an impressive backdrop.

As you can see from our gallery, brands such as Starbucks and Hermes have used these structures to form pop-up outlets. Mixing luxury brands with industrial design is quite a weird bricolage, but it works.

Box Park in London is a great example of a mini container city, where the tessellation of these structures forms a multi-level shopping and eatery experience. 

Another key benefit of using containers, is flexibility. Remove an end and affix another container for an automatic extension. Use a crane and connect another level. It's as simple as a game of Tetris. 

If you're thinking of using sea containers for a promotional event or venue solution, contact us for coordination and PR services:

A Webster