For events where the idea or concept is the lead protagonist, there's been a steady rise in the popularity of 'blank canvas' venues...

More often than not we look for venues which provide a starting-block for a theme to help guide the event design. However, there are a few occasions where we'll be looking purely for a blank canvas to allow the product on show to take centre stage rather than the backdrop. This is also a key strategy for exhibition organisers who want their exhibits to steal the show, not the venue. 

Looking for blank canvas venues takes a different approach from the norm. For example, it's a far more pragmatic and simpler process as you're really only looking for dimensions, power, access and versatility rather than all the frills we'd usually look for in venue scouting (the 'dressing' part comes later through your trusty network of third party suppliers).

Blank canvas venues can house some of the most exciting events to date. The idea of formulating a creation in an otherwise empty space is something we event organisers dream of. A muted venue can speak volumes and unusual locations can provide surprising yet successful event locations- think lofts, barns and hangers. 

At PARADE we work with a number of blank canvas venues and cherry pick the right venue for the right event. Plus with a bit of imagination, we can transform spaces into something quite spectacular.

There are number of exciting new blank canvas events coming online in the near future and our existing preferred venue supplier list is brimming with creative spaces to choose from. 

To streamline your venue scouting, touch base with us: hello@parade-events.com

A Webster